Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prayer Shawls for Pink Cross

I got the package from Shanon today and inside was the purses she made and the prayer shawl sample. I really like it. The book that she sent to me with the pattern inside showed a little different of a border and I kind of like it. We'll probably do a little of each of the different styles.

Upon looking closer at the shawl, I saw that she had put the prayer that was prayed over this shawl while it was being made on the INSIDE! What a sweet sweet addition. I think it really makes it what it is!

In the pictures below, I couldn't resist trying it on! It's a perfect size and very comforting. I can't wait for Christmas to come so the women can be surrounded by the love of Christ anytime they feel the need!

Thank you Shanon for all of your hard work on this shawl. You are going to touch lives for Christ. Please know that God is smiling because of your obedience of using your talents to reach people for Him!
I'll post the purse pictures later. I'm off to line a bunch of makeup bags and purses.

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