Monday, July 13, 2009

Call to action! Pink Cross Foundation

Hey everyone!

I am writing today with another call to action! I am currently in need of individuals who are willing to help me make the hats and clutches for the Pink Cross Foundation. Shelley's outreaches are about to begin again and I want to make sure she has plenty of supplies. I don't want a single woman to have to leave her booth without a personally handmade gift. :)

If you need proof that these gifts touch people click here, and here. Here (look at their faces...they are shocked that anyone cares) and here! These are only a few of the beautiful people that have been touched by someone spending an hour or so of someone's time creating make up bags and hats. If you knew that you could probably save someone's LIFE by spending an hour with your crochet hook, wouldn't it be worth it?

I have contacted several churches about their women's ministries helping and am waiting to hear back from them. If you're one of those churches, please email me with information on how I can help with your first round of materials for the ladies who are willing to help me out. As one person, I can only do so many and am VERY thankful that you are considering helping me, help Shelley and the Pink Cross Foundation!


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